The Effects of Social Media

Social Media Effects

Social Media has come the essential aspect of every consumer’s daily routine. But perhaps the issue is the disconnect by labeling human beings as consumers. It isolates them from relativity and allows us to engage them as numbers.

A phrase as simple as “let’s make it go viral” or a question like “did you see how many likes I got?” is dangerous because it takes us away from content that truly embraces our audience and concentrates on the one and done mentality.

Let me put this in perspective for you. If you had a room of 1,000 people who walked by and smiled or 20 people that stopped, shook your hand and took your business card – which would YOU prefer?

Now, this isn’t to say that those moments can’t elevate a brand and spread awareness, but is it really giving your brand the long term connect with your audience that we need to create loyalty?

Social Media moves at a pace where if “you ain’t first, you last.”

This teaches the consumer to look at what is top of mind (or their feed) for their needs rather than deep dive into education of what fits them best. Let’s not even get started on the infamous “I said it out loud then I got served an ad!” comment you hear from some of your friends. Not only is it invasive, but is it a form of brainwashing?

As a marketer, this is a bold statement. I know that. I am lucky enough to have clients that see big picture and use social media as a portion of the strategy, but do not rely on it.

All of that being said, Social Media can be a wonderful tool and keep you connected to your core customers, but only if you stay true to your brand and remember that it is a holistic approach which includes real, authentic engagement that will build the loyalty you need to be successful.

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