How We Make Remote Positions Work

In today’s tumultuous environment, supplying a concrete work place can be difficult. At HPA, we strive to keep production high but also stress a strong work/life balance.

How do we make working remotely work? With team members in Chicago Nashville and Muscle Shoals – we keep track of projects using SaaS’ like Asana. This enables us to have a constant visual of our workload. Withour seeing what is on your plate daily, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed. But with the management that this program provides, we stay on task all day….every day to ensure we meet every deadline thrown at us.

Other ways that helps are shared drives (using VPN!) like Dropbox. Files can be sensitive so always make sure you have them properly set up with security precautions. Dropbox enables us to share files of all sizes with one another at the drop of a hat to keep copy and creative rolling!

And let’s face it, Google Calendar is a life saver. It gives visibility into meetings and events that guarantee we are on the same page at all times.

And while we are on the Google love, we also opted for Gchat rather than Slack to communicate. It offers video conferences, screen share and instant chatting that allows us to stay in constant contact.

Through these methods and variety of other creative tactics, our team stays united. In times like today wth the #COVID-19, it makes us grateful to our clients to be able to work safely from home while providing them with the best results.

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