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A common question I’m asked is “what software should I use for my website, e-commerce or blogging page”. First thing as a disclaimer, I have only created professor website/web app with WordPress. I will start this blog off with a blog.

If all you want is a blog page really think about if you even need a website. Since a Facebook page can do what you want most of the time. Now if you want some information about your company, e-commerce and/or a blog page you need to debate if Wix or WordPress is the better options. Currently Wix has a free version for you but you can’t add your own domain name and if you want to use your own domain you have to pay $13 a month and that only gives you 3GB storage and 30 video minutes. Most website 3GB storage should be more than enough for everyone. Now for the video minutes that might be a problem. $13 a month sound great however according to Wix plan to sell online you need the $24  a month that give 20GB of storage with 5 hours of video time however this doesn’t including theme and apps you may want to add.

Comparing WordPress to Wix is going to be a little hard to compare cost since WordPress is open source and free if you don’t including hosting. One powerful thing about WordPress is it flexibility unlike Wix I can pretty much use WordPress on any hosting sites which can greatly reduce the cost for some. Since there are big different in hosting platforms, I going compare Wix price with hosting is free for 3GB however you can’t have your own domain either unless you pay $5 month and if you want ecommerce you have to pay the $45 dollar a month that will give you 200 GB of storage 10 times more than Wix however this doesn’t include themes and plugin you may want to add.

You may be thinking If I’m a blogger I go with WordPress if I’m selling product go with Wix however their one thing I want you to keep in mine having video on your products page is wonderful for SEO.

Now Shopify main power and focused is in the e-commerce marketing so using it for blogger make no sense. But according to Shopify plan two account it cost $29 month. Shopify doesn’t say anything about storage and say unlimited products which is not possible but I sure it enough for most business. If you look at Shopify plans and wonder, why I’m not mention the transaction fee that because it is the same for WordPress and most likely for Wix since that fee comes from credit card company which will most likely be Stripe or PayPal. Shopify does look like a great deal however one thing I can’t get behind as a developer is in order to code apps you have to buy developer sdk this will end up create a shorten of developers in the end. Other then that I not going to lair shoplifty looks like a great deal. Now if you do want a blog and like Shopify you can combine WordPress and Shopify together Or Wix and Shopify together.

I’m sure some people are thinking well I’m leaving the fact that WordPress can’t drag-drop html elements. However you can get page builder plugins for a price or even free. Which leads me to the futures of these software. Nobody knows the futures however WordPress is making some major changes just last year they change the visual editor to Gutenberg. In short terms Gutenberg turns html code into visual block and allow you to move the block up and down anytime you want. This isn’t a drag-drop however WordPress Roadmap is aiming to get to that point natively. Drag-drop for WordPress will not happen overnight, I do think at the end of 2020 we will see it. Because WordPress is free this will make customer leave Wix and Shopify. When Wix and Shopify first see their lost in revenue for their business they will response by rising their prices to try to keep their stock up. This will push even more of their customer out. I can see Shopify maybe in the end become a plugin for WordPress since Shopify does offer a lot of wonder feature that WordPress biggest Ecommerce plugin doesn’t offer for that price.

One thing Wix and Shopify can’t touch on WordPress is that you can move WordPress with any hosting site which give you leverage. Here is an Example for one of my clients he had two WordPress sites and was paying his hosting American Eagle $145 a month for both site plus $200 into a retainer which they would almost always fine a reason to spend. We finally had enough and decide to pay inmotion hosting $500 upfront for 2 year which is about which in months is about $10 a month for one website remember we had 2 sites.  Also, tech support was free However after the transfer was done, I only had to contact tech support once it be over six months. I know this deal may be to expensive for some with WordPress if you have the tech knowledge or an agency with the tech knowable and give them time to research, they will always fine you the best deal for you. I hope you found this blog insightful and helpful.

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