The work benefits of finding purpose

There comes a time in one’s life that you start to question the purpose of life. For some they embrace the desire to learn it at an early age and others it may take a life altering experience. But it is inevitable at some point to press pause and ask yourself, “what am I doing on this earth?”

I’ve personally always been drawn to marketing. The idea of helping companies find their brand identity and them communicating that in a way that resonates with end users always felt powerful. But what is power? It’s a man made feeling that allows us to feel superior than others. Perhaps if we used power to grow ourselves in hopes that our own actions would influence others to do the same for themselves then marketing would look much more organic and less forced?

My philosophy at Horse Power Agency is to always push the realm of what is deemed normal and find alternative ways to achieve results that creating lasting relationships. The only way to truly make this a reality is to ask ourselves what the purpose is of each objective and to challenge ourselves to find the most authentic way possible to gain results while not sacrificing ethically. I hope you will stay with us as we continue on our journey to rev up your marketing program AND find your business’ purpose via our own explorations into purpose.

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