What does it mean to go viral?

Baby Goat Viral

If I had a penny for every time we had a client say they need something to go “viral”, I wouldn’t have to work another day in my life.

The biggest question is what the secret to going “viral” and in short, it is content. Relatable content that catches the audiences’ eye at just the right time to crash through the algorithm wall. Make sense? Didn’t think so. Let me break it down for you…

  1. Content that resonates with someone who feels the need to engage and share it. Sharing it is the first step to break through the elusive barrier that allows your content to been seen. Content can be a funny photo, clever video or news-breaking article,etc.
  2. Timing. This is tricky. Think of it as radio – enough people have to be online that when your content is engaged, there is a volume of people at the right time to keep the engagement going.
  3. Uniqueness – what does your content have that others are seeing already inundated with things on their feed? Bring the creativity on!

Now that you know the very minimal basics to going to viral, what happens when you actually attain that elusive “online super duper popular” status? Ride the wave of course. Be prepared to partner with influencers and brands. Show your value of the newfound celeb status by getting in with the “cool kids” to keep your viral content going strong. Once you build those relationships, work on getting new content that is along the same cohesive level as the piece that went viral.

But the moral of all of this is to create GREAT content always and be aware of your audience and their most active times online. And make sure you use the online community to your advantage and build your following with those relationships. Good luck!

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