You have a website – now what?

We’ve recently discovered that many people do not utilize websites correctly. I suppose we shouldn’t say recently as this has been a common knowledge since the beginning of time.

Once a website is complete the work is actually just getting started. You can’t just put a site up and expect it to perform. You are competing with searches happening every .0005346 seconds for people that could be looking for a service or product you offer.

So, the first order of business is getting traffic on your site. This is where SEO can elevate your site. Don’t ever underestimate the power of good SEO.

The other huge help with keeping traffic going on your site is a solid lead generation email list sign up.

And blogs. Yes, blogs. Tedious as heck sometimes, but a power of a return.

Social Media is also important to alert people of what is available on your site.

Once people start coming to your site, review your analytics to ensure your site is performing the best it can to ensure optimal user experience. It is a work in progress and your content should be evaluated frequently.

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